Mono Tile Calibrator

An innovative new tool has hit the flooring market, and Rock Solid Flooring is the first in the Midwest to get in on the excitement. Professional tile setter Garry Ernest Moon of Mooneward Innovations Inc. invented the patent-pending Mono Tile Calibrator – and we already have our hands on this new tool. This easy-to-use, efficient product is revolutionizing the way we calibrate tiles. Simply install this reusable tool in no time at all, then tighten to eliminate lippage. Rock Solid Flooring is here to help you learn more about how Mono Tile Calibrator works and what it can do for your tiles!


Mono Tile Calibrators can be used for grout joints between 3/32-7/32 inches and with tiles that are 1/8-1/2 inches thick (but have been used on thicker formats). The Mono Tile Calibrator is made of five different parts – the body, the knob, the washer, the spring, and the shaft. Assembly is quick and easy:

  • Insert the shaft into the body and ensure that the shaft hook has the same orientation as the raised markings on the body.
  • Insert the washer and spring onto the knob.
  • Combine the parts by threading the body into the spring, then turn clockwise.
  • It's as simple as that! Now you're ready to install.



Install and Adjust

Now that the Mono Tile Calibrators are assembled, it’s time to use them on placed tiles for optimal calibration and spacing:

  • Install – Squeeze the spring to expose the shaft hook, then insert the tool into the grout joint with the hook parallel to the joint. Once inserted, turn the body 90 degrees in either direction so that the hook is perpendicular to the grout joint.
  • Adjust – Now it's time to adjust the Mono Tile Calibrator to where you want it. Turn the body counter-clockwise to loosen, and clockwise to tighten. Be careful not to over-tighten. You can also use a rubber mallet to gently tap the tiles so they fit snugly against the shaft of the Mono Tile Calibrators.

Remove – and Reuse!

Removing Calibrators is incredibly easy. Just turn the knob counter-clockwise, then turn the body counter-clockwise until the hook is parallel with the grout joint. The Mono Tile Calibrator will easily pop out. For standard thin-set mortar, remove the Mono Tile Calibrator within 12-24 hours. Brush off any excess grout off the Mono Tile Calibrator with the supplied bristle brush, and it’s ready to be reused! This tool was designed to be used again and again – creating less work for the installer, and less waste in general.

Remove – and Reuse
Cost Efficiency Diagram

The Mono Tile Calibrator vs. the Competition

Why choose this tool over the competition? A typical lippage tuner, or “leveler,” uses multiple pieces that can make installation less efficient in terms of both time and money. The Mono Tile Calibrator is reusable, while the typical levelers needs to be replaced for every project. Other tuners also require multiple steps in order to work. Typically, a first base piece is inserted under the first piece of tile, then a second piece is installed after the next adjacent piece or course of tile is installed. Next, a cumbersome tool draws the two tuner pieces together in attempt to eliminate the lippage. The Mono Tile Calibrator, on the other hand, is installed after several tiles have already been placed. It can be moved quickly and easily if an area needs to be adjusted, and added again once the once the adjustment is made.

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Rock Solid Flooring is proud to be the exclusive Midwest distributor for the innovative Mono Tile Calibrator. Go easy on yourself and the environment with this exciting new tool. To get yours, simply fill out this contact form, and we’ll help you on the path to simplified tile calibrations!